five step moving and downsizing plan

                Step one

                DECIDE WHAT TO KEEP


Assisted Moving Services works with virtually every Senior Community within Southeastern Michigan.

We have on file, an extensive Data Base of Senior Community Floor Plans.


If needed, we can create a "to-scale" floor plan, to determine if your pre-selected furniture will fit into your new apartment.





                Step five

                  SELL YOUR HOME:  


Of course, you can sell your home at anytime. However, the perfect Moving and Downsizing Plan allows for the downsizing process to finish before the house is listed. Our Senior Real Estate Specialist is able to list your home within your unique time frame while making every downsizing effort to make your home show room ready. We provide FREE Real Estate Market Comparison for every client.

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                 Step four

                   SELL EXCESS ITEMS:

Assisted Moving Services is able to help you identify what is appropriate for donation, as well has help you determine which items can be sold. For items that are donation, (and if time allows), select charities will pick up these items free of charge. For items that can be sold, Assisted Moving Services can sell in their unique and acclaimed Senior Consignment Store. Assisted Moving Services also offers Estate Sale Services if your home qualifies.


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               Step three



We all have items in our home that need to be discarded. These are items that are badly worn, beyond repair or have become obsolete.

Assisted Moving Services is able to "de-clutter" large and small items from all areas of your home.




                 STEP TWO

                    PASS ITEMS ON:  


Consider which items you might offer to family, friends and associates. Whether your family and friend network is large or small, we have helpful recommendations to "fairly and systematically" make these decisions.